XCH Saddle Features:

Adjustable Saddle Width : X-Change System


XCH saddles can be changed QUICKLY whenever your horse changes shape. Due to the inflexibility of a wooden tree this is not possible.
You can change the fitting of your XCH saddle in minutes. Extremely convenient and inexpensive.
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Very often a brand new saddle is the only alternative which is very costly or a new tree maybe another costly option.
You will LOVE your XCH saddle and won’t have to part with it when it is ADJUSTED. Having a new tree fitted is not only costly but the saddle would have to be taken away from you.

FIVE colour coded interchangeable steel gullet plates can be changed quickly and easily by your saddle fitter, to ensure an accurate fit to suit both horse and rider. Unlike the traditional alternative all XCH saddles can be changed as your horse changes shape. This is something that cannot be achieved with most traditionally made saddles. The XCH range takes away the problems associated with having to buy a new saddle; expensive, inconvenient- the saddle may have to be made specially or ordered in, you may not like other saddles and you would have preferred to keep your old saddle, your old saddle was worn in and comfortable, the list goes on.

A saddle with an adjustable tree has many benefits for the discerning horse owner.

Dr Gail Williams BA (Hons) PhD MNAVP writes, “I recommend the X-change system if you are backing or bringing on a young horse, bringing back a horse from a long period of rest or injury, or introducing work to a horse that has lost condition or has significant saddle damage. In any of these circumstances, your schooling programme will be directed to changing his shape and musculature. With an adjustable saddle you will always be able to have a saddle which fits your horse and will not inhibit muscle gain.”

The GFS XCH saddles are especially recommended for owners of young horses or those who are most likely to change shape due to fitness or maybe a previous injury. Often we get horse owners compromising on a saddle for a young horse as they are worried about spending money on a suitable saddle because they know the horse will change shape. Why compromise on a saddle that will ‘do for now’ when you can buy the GFS XCH saddles and change the fit as the horse changes shape.

It makes sense for you and your horse to be as comfortable and happy as possible from day one. Give your horse the best start possible to his riding career. Looking after his back at the beginning of his training is crucial. Mistakes made at such an influential stage could cause permanent damage both physically and mentally.

Some horses change their shape from season to season and owners are faced with having to pad underneath during the slimmer months to compensate. This is not best practice as a saddle should fit the horse without layers of uneven pads to ensure the best possible fit and even contact. The XCH saddles can be altered in minutes by a trained saddle fitter at minimal cost so you can always ensure your saddle fits perfectly.

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All XCH Saddle Trees are made from Carbon Fibre - light, strong and very flexible...

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All XCH saddles feature this revolutionary panel, which allows for a perfect union between horse and rider.

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