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A revolutionary saddle range designed to maximize horse and rider performance developed in conjunction with Carl Hester!
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  • All saddles offer a perfect union between horse and rider. Rider and horse immediately feel as one.
  • Carbon fibre unbreakable tree
  • Soft AMS memory foam and flock panel allow maximum comfort and weight distribution.
  • Maximum adjustability on site through an adjustable tree and flocked panel design.
  • The exterior of the flap has a knee block anatomically designed to support a rider encouraging them to lengthen their thigh.
  • All saddles made of premium quality double stitched Calf Leather.
  • All saddles have identical girthing options with no point straps. The unique design of this saddle means saddles do not need to be fastened down at the point. This allows maximum freedom of movement through the shoulder.

Available in: Black

Sizes available: 17", 17.5", 18"

Gullet Plates: Series Series 2

Gullet Plate supplied: Medium Wide

PDS INTEGRO MONO FLAP - ideally suited to:

  • For a rider that wants to look their best
  • Dressage riders wanting a more close contact feel
  • Riders competing/training at a higher level of dressage, performing more sitting trot
  • Typically a rider of average height

PDS INTEGRO MONO FLAP - ideally suited to:

  • Horses with good dressage conformation
  • Horses with a long sloping shoulder and a wither set further into the back
  • Horses suffering from restricted movement in the shoulder

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All XCH Saddle Trees are made from Carbon Fibre - light, strong and very flexible...

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All XCH saddles can be changed quickly whenever your horse changes shape.

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All XCH saddles feature this revolutionary panel, which allows for a perfect union between horse and rider.

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